Work Packages

The project is structured in three main phases and eleven Work Packages (WPs). These phases are described below, including the WPs involved:

PHASE 1: The project starts with the state-of-practice analysis regarding current railway maintenance operations and other industries such as road, air and maritime transport. This will allow, on the one hand, to evaluate the railway infrastructure maintenance system in terms of cost, competitiveness and quality in order to perform comparisons, at the latest phase, with the ACEM-Rail developed technologies and procedures. On the other hand, technologies and maintenance processes in other industries (particularly in the road transport) will be analyzed with the purpose of identifying best practices applicable to the rail sector.

> WP1: State-of-practice of maintenance in Railway & Other industries

PHASE 2: The development of innovative solutions for an automated and cost effective railway maintenance is performed at this stage. This is the main block of the project. Phase 2 includes the following WPs:

> WP2: Technologies and processes for the analysis of infrastructure condition
> WP3: Maintenance planning
> WP4: Execution and monitoring of preventive maintenance
> WP5: Execution and monitoring of corrective maintenance
> WP6: Infrastructure subsystems management

PHASE 3: The project ends with demonstration of the solutions and the analysis, dissemination and exploitation of the results. The phase 3 includes the following WPs:

> WP7: Solutions demonstration and results
> WP8: Competitive, quality, sustainability and environmental

In addition, three WPs will involve the whole project duration
and therefore will be alive in the three mentioned phases.
They are:

> WP9: Evaluation and validation of the project
> WP10: Dissemination and exploitation of the results
> WP11: Project Management



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