The University of Seville is a teaching and research public institution, comprising several Science, Technical and Social Faculties. The Transportation Engineering and Infrastructure Division is part of the Faculty of Engineering. The main objectives of this Unit include the quantitative analysis and assessment of transport systems, mobility demand, the generation and dissemination of knowledge and formation of researchers.

The activities of the Division are diversified in several fronts: educational, basic investigation, investigation in R&D project and support to companies. The major Research and Development Lines in which the Division is working encompass:

i) Transport and Traffic Modelling (traffic flow models, mobility models, origin-destination matrices, modal choice models, vehicle routing algorithms, demand forecasting);
ii) Transport operations and logistics (public transport, freight, private motorized mobility);
iii) ITS Intelligent Transport Systems (Transport data communications);
iv) Traffic and Transport planning (urban, interurban, surface, multi-modal).

The Division is composed by proficient engineers specialised in Transports with post-graduate qualifications, complemented with different backgrounds such as computer programming and statistics, who are poised to excel in the field.


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