Tecnomatica is a company leader in the Information and Communication Technology and has been active in the industrial automation field for twenty years, also cooperating with Universities and high schools in various educational programs. The most significant activity is carried out in the field of railways maintenance and novel “low cost” diagnostic systems have been developed, also in partnership with the company Avantgarde. The systems developed by Tecnomatica, exhibiting the possibility to be used in autonomous way or to outfit machineries, are able to analyze, in real time, the quality of the railway lines through the measurement of all the geometrical parameters of the infrastructure. In particular, Tecnomatica has been operating for ten years in the railways maintenance and diagnostics, carrying out research and developing systems for applications such as:

- Diagnostic of railways infrastructure and rolling stock
- Revamping and technology implementation on machinery for construction and maintenance
- Rolling stock upgrades
- Hardware and software tools for machine control
- Hardware and software maintenance



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