The Department of Information Engineering of the Second University of Naples – DII-SUN was established in 1992. The Department is active for both research and teaching activities in the following areas: Automation, Applied Electromagnetics, Microelectronics, Optoelectronics, Electrical Circuits, Electrical Power Systems, Physics, Computer Science, and Telecommunications.

Permanent staff is composed of 14 full professors, 9 associate professors, and 9 assistant professors.

The activity of the Optoelectronics group at DII-SUN has been mainly devoted to the design and development of optical sensors for the detection of physical, chemical and biochemical parameters.
During the last years, the research activity has been especially devoted to the development and characterization of distributed optical fiber sensors for strain and temperature measurements and their application to structural and environmental monitoring and the Optoelectronics group is
involved in the COST Action TD1001 “Novel and Reliable Optical Fiber Sensor Systems for Future Security and Safety Applications (OFSESA)” of the European Union. The group has published several papers and is also holder of two patents in this argument.


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