ScanMaster develops, manufactures, markets and supports quality ultrasonic instrumentation, automated ultrasonic inspection & imaging systems and ultrasonic transducers. ScanMaster products are used in a wide range of industrial, laboratory and research applications in industries such as Aerospace, Train Rail and Wheel, Pipe, Plate and Automotive.

Each ScanMaster UT system is integrated with a number of core modules, including industrial PC-based digital ultrasonic instrumentation, production-oriented software packages and servo motion control hardware (for applications requiring robotic manipulation). These modules are integrated in application-specific configurations, which are a function of the inspection requirements i.e. speed, number of channels, on-line display and report documentation.

ScanMaster employs its own in-house electronic and software groups, as well as mechanical and application engineering teams for the design, manufacture and testing of standard or customized systems. ScanMaster is ISO 9001 certified.



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