The Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (IVI) is part of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, which is a non-profit corporation for applied research in Germany, promoting link between scientific research and industrial implementation.

The Fraunhofer IVI provides know-how and technological solutions in various fields of surface transportation research. The institute's research focus is on the development and application of

- Intermodal transport information and transport management systems
- Decision support systems for planning and optimization in transportation and logistics
- Automation systems for transport and utility systems
- Integration of new energy carriers into vehicle technology

Interdisciplinary research and development is targeted at the field of telematics, transport ecology, transport economics, and transport planning.

The group Operations Research at Fraunhofer IVI works on the development of decision support
systems for logistics planning. The main field of application lies in transportation planning tasks for scenarios under uncertainties, i.e. for optimization problems where one has to cope with dynamically changing situations and conditions. The group develops mathematical models, designs optimization algorithms, and implements software systems for these kinds of problems.


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