Most major European railways are currently using DMA instruments to monitor their infrastructure and their trains. All instruments measuring the track geometry operating in Europe above 250 Km/h are equipped with DMA cameras. DMA has supplied to the Italian Railways the only instrument in the world able to measure the track geometry and the equivalent conicity at speed exceeding 300 Km/h (previous versions of the instrument only measured the track geometry).

The technical departments of the railways in Italy, France, Germany, and Switzerland rely on DMA
instruments to evaluate the running dynamics.

DMA has probably the longest and more sound experience in the world in measuring the rail profile with an accuracy good enough to evaluate the wheel-rail interface dynamics, including the equivalent conicity. The equivalent conicity will soon be a mandatory parameter to control for every main line. The track parameters must meet the UIC518 and UIC519 values, as the trains have been certified according to track conditions assessed in these leaflets. DMA has pioneered this work.
The parameters measured on the track are more than the ones required by the EN13848.

DMA engineers are skilled in designing electronics, optics, mechanics, and software. Newest enabling technologies are immediately incorporated into DMA new products, thanks to the internal skills and to a network of external specialists.


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