CEMOSA is a Spanish engineering and quality control company in the field of construction (including transport infrastructure engineering, hydraulic works, building and industrial works) born in 1972 and employing around 500 people. Its headquarters are in Malaga but it includes 13 regional offices all around Spain and one office in Mexico. The company includes the following business lines:

1. Transport Infrastructures Engineering,
2. Geothecnics,
3. Building and Industrial Engineering,
4. Construction Material Quality Control,
5. Health and Safety Coordination,
6. Product Certification and
7. Research, Technological Development and Innovation.

With respect to the present project, the coexistence of the departments of i) transport infrastructure engineering, ii) geothecnics and iii) industrial engineering in the same company offer a very comprehensive view of the problem to be dealt with in the ACEM Rail project. On the other hand, CEMOSA has always kept an interest on Research & Technological Development. The company has carried out several R&TD projects, some of then partly financed by Public Institutions and other entirely funded by the own company or private customers. Most of these R&D projects are within one or more of the following lines: i) Transport infrastructures, ii) Energy efficiency, iii) Construction materials, iv) Road safety and v) Environment and sustainable development.
CEMOSA was a leader of a Research project in the 5th Framework Program (Fibre Optic Sensors for the Monitoring of Composite Strengthened Structures).

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