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  - First issue (August 2011)
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  - Third issue (May 2013)

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  - ACEM-Rail D1.1 State of Practice r0
 - ACEM-Rail D1.2 Best Practices
in other industries r0
 - ACEM-Rail D2.1 Railway inspection
and monitoring techniques r0
 - ACEM-Rail D8.1 Maintenance
Performance Indicators (MPI) r0
  - ACEM-Rail D10.1 Web site of the project r0
 - ACEM-Rail D10.3 Dissemination and
Exploitation Activities r0
  - ACEM-Rail D11.1 Project Quality Plan r0

scif> Scientific Papers
- Long-range distributed Brillouin fiber sensors by use of an unbalanced double sideband probe
- Distributed sensing at cm-scale spatial resolution by BOFDA: measurements and signal processing
- Spatial resolution enhancement in pre-activated BOTDA schemes by numerical processing
- Differential Techniques for High-Resolution BOTDA: an Analytical Approach
- High-Spatial- and Spectral-Resolution Time-Domain Brillouin Distributed Sensing by Use of Two Frequency-Shifted Optical Beam Pairs
- Modal analysis of a cantilever beam by use of Brillouin based distributed dynamic strain measurements

confere> Conference Publications
- Differential pulse-width pair BOTDA with fast fall-time pulses (IEEE Sensors 2011)
- A New Method to Evaluate Track Conditions over Time (1st International Conf. on Railway Technology)
- Automated and Cost Effective Maintenance for Railway, ACEM-Rail (TRA 2012)
- On a novel optimisation model and solution method for tactical railway maintenance planning (CETRA 2012)
- Sistema inteligente de automatización de la gestión del mantenimiento de vía, in Spanish (CIF 2012)
- Automatización y optimización del mantenimiento de la vía (ACEM-Rail), in Spanish (CIT 2012)

others> Others
 - Article published in the local Italian newspaper "Il Mattino", on May 16th 2011. In Italian.
 - Cover story published in "Digital magazine ASICMA", on September 2012, pp. 16-18. In Spanish.
 - Article published in the "Catálogo electrónico: Oferta de nuevas tecnologías en el transporte por carretera y ferrocarril", Spanish Ministry of Development, on June 2012. In Spanish
 - "Fraunhofer IZFP Annual Report", 2011, pp. 61. In German and English
 - "Fraunhofer IVI Annual Report", 2009-2011, pp. 52-53 and pp. 72. In English
 - Article published in "Eurailmag Business and Technology", issue 27, on April 2013, pp. 122-126. In English
 - An article published in Spanish Railway - Bulletin of 02/07/2013. In English


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